Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Day: Goodbye, unemployment!

After one graduates college, it is customary for one to look for a job, whether it be for financial purposes, dream/self fulfillment, or any other reason. It may happen right after graduation or even a year or so after; mine happened over 5 months after I graduated. Some of my batchmates started working immediately after graduation, some even before, but by 3 months after graduation, almost all of my friends have already been working for a month or so. This pressured me a bit to start looking for a job. A few days after coming home from a 3 month-long vacation, I stalked design firms online and asked friends if their company or if they know if another firm was hiring. A couple of inquiries later, I sent my resumé to 3 firms and got quick replies from 2 of those. I got offered by both firms after an interview (plus CAD exam) and a couple of exchange of emails. Obviously, I had to make a decision.

I chose the one which was closer to the house because of the faster and cheaper commute. I also chose that firm because of its familiarity; it's located in a city that I kinda grew up in, and that's also the firm where I had my summer internship last year. Being able to hitch a ride in the morning with my siblings, because of it's close proximity to their school, is just an added bonus.

So, how was my first day? It was okay.

Because I knew majority of the people there (after spending a summer with them and all), I skipped the awkward introductory part mandatory in all first days of anything. It was fun to be welcomed back and to see the old/new officemates and friends I've made during that summer. It was exciting to see the old office with its new configurations; it made me very nostalgic, seeing how things have changed. I kept texting my old partner-in-crime, who interned with me at the office, comparing how things are now and how things used to be. It was actually a great day, except...

I was hit with allergies from wearing a blouse which has been untouched from the cabinet for over 3 months. I finished one roll of tissue halfway through the day! Actually, I'm not sure if this is still allergies or if it's already a cold brought about by the rainy weather. If it weren't for my runny nose and teary eyes, it would've been a fantastic day.

Work-wise, I got to work with the commercial side of the company. Last time I was there, I was under the residential group. My experience working under that group was a factor why I chose this firm. As much as I loved working under that group, I also want to try something different; I wanna expand my horizons. In spite of all the horror stories I've heard about that side and what becomes of their workers, I am optimistic that I will persevere, by God's grace. "It all depends on how you'll act and/or react to the projects and situations." - old/new boss

So, that concludes my first day of work. No biggie, but my family has been making a big deal out of me working for the first time. I honestly didn't feel the need to make it that big of a deal, probably because I wasn't feeling the first day jitters (probably because it wasn't really my first day there). But, hey, as long as we get to celebrate it by eating out, then I'll play along.

But, yeh, I'm pretty excited to see how I'll grow and contribute to this company in the coming months. I'm very excited to be one step closer to reaching my dream of becoming an Architect!

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