Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcoming 2013

welcoming the new year with fireworks: an annual tradition

I've always loved the New Year's Eve celebration at home. I get to spend the last hours of the year with the family, pigging out on a feast of food & drinks and watching fireworks & firecrackers from the veranda.

Every year, my dad and the neighbors would light yards of those really loud firecrackers (Superlolo, Judas' Belt, Five Star, etc.) on the street as early as 7pm. Although I loathe those loud allergy/asthma-inducing firecrackers, they're actually responsible for making me feel the "New Year" spirit. But as each year passes, I noticed that daddy and the neighbors would have less firecrackers than the previous year, so I actually didn't really feel the "New Year" spirit 'til an hour before the new year.

But, what an hour that was; fireworks were everywhere! It was the first time I've ever witnessed so much fireworks around the village in a span of one hour. I took that as a sign that this year will bring an abundance of blessings.
Happy 2013, everyone!

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