Sunday, April 13, 2014

Better way to die?

Which would be a better way to die – sudden death (e.g. dying in your sleep) or slow expected death (e.g. due to a sickness)?

Yesterday, the clan was shocked to find out about the sudden death of a relative, our tito. And just a little over a year ago, the clan had experienced a prior death – that of our lola. Although her death was unexpected as well, it wasn't as sudden as that of our tito's. Our lola has been in and out of the hospital for weeks before her passing, whilst our tito was said to have just laid down and never woken up.

The major difference between the 2 deaths sparked the question above. My sister and I were thinking that a sudden death might probably be better for the departed because he/she wouldn't have to suffer; however, it's certainly harder for those he/she has left behind.

... as opposed to a slow expected death, wherein the dying has to suffer, but the loved ones will be more prepared and expectant of what is to come.

Earlier today, I preferred the latter, in spite of the physical suffering on my end. That way, I can try to do everything I've always wanted to do (ahem, Bucket List), say everything I want to say to all those that I will be leaving behind (and vice versa), and be more emotionally prepared.

But then, my parents mentioned that it'll also be hard for the loved ones to be left behind, because the dying will not be the only one who will suffer. Those left to care for the dying will also have to suffer emotionally and financially, probably even physically and mentally.

Either way, both parties would have to suffer in some way. So right now, I'm still undecided which would be better. But that's the thing with life – nothing is certain. Similarly, you can't really be certain when life will end. You just have to seize each moment as if it's your last. Carpe diem.

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